What happens next

A map of Australia with a disability icon and a safety icon with a thumbs up inside it.

We want to make sure Australia can keep people with disability safe.

All Australians will have to work together, including:

A Parliament House icon.

  • the Australian Government

A state and territory government building icon.

  • state and territory governments

3 people standing in front of an office building.

  • organisations

A provider and a worker. One of them is holding a document.

  • providers and workers.

A provider helping someone else read a document.

Providers support people by delivering a service.

A document with a change icon.

The Australian Government will make a plan about:

  • what we should change
  • how we will change things.

4 people reading a document together.

We will work with people in the community when we make this plan.

This includes listening to:

A person supporting someone in a wheelchair under a disability icon.

  • people with disability

A provider, a carer and a family member.

  • their families and carers.

It also includes listening to:

3 people standing in front of an office building. The office building has a megaphone on it.

  • organisations that speak up for people with disability

A provider holding a document.

  • providers

A large group of people smiling.

  • other people in the community.

Have your say

A pair of hands holding a document with an information icon on it.

We will share more information about how you can have your say soon.

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We can send more information to your email address when it is ready.

You can give us your email address.