The Disability Royal Commission’s Final report

A document on a computer screen.

The Disability Royal Commission has shared its Final report.

You can read it on the Disability Royal Commission website.

A problem icon and a magnifying glass.

A royal commission is how the government looks into a big problem.

It helps us find out:

A speech bubble with a cross inside.

  • what went wrong

A thumbs up next to an arrow pointing up.

  • what we need to improve.

A calendar that reads '4 years' and an arrow pointing to the right.

The Royal Commission ran for more than 4 years.

Now it has ended.

The Australian Government thanks everyone who shared their:

A person pointing to themselves and raising their other hand. There is a speech bubble next to them.

  • experiences

An ideas icon.

  • ideas for the future.

This includes:

A person with disability and 2 family members.

  • people with disability and their families

A parent and their child with disability sitting under a megaphone icon.

  • advocates – people who can help you speak up for yourself.

A person with disability pointing to themselves and raising their other hand. They are standing next to a safety icon with a thumbs up in it.

The Final report includes ideas about how Australia can do more to protect people with disability.