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ISBN: 978-1-921380-16-7
ISSN: 1836-3326

Dr Jeff HarmerThe Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) is committed to becoming more sustainable.

We will continue to improve the way we operate by integrating more sustainable practices across all our activities. We understand this requires ambitious goals and targets, supported by well-planned policies, processes and actions.

We have a responsibility—to our staff and to the communities we work with—to improve our performance and efficiency, provide a safe and diverse workplace, and meet our environmental responsibilities.

We are achieving this by focusing on three important, related areas:

FaHCSIA has been serious about improving sustainability within the Department since 2002–03. In this seventh report assessing our sustainability, I am pleased to note that we have again reduced our overall energy use per employee for office light and power, air travel and paper use. However, we still need to improve in other areas such as our water use.

Like last year, we have chosen to not produce a printed report, consistent with our aim to reduce FaHCSIA’s carbon footprint.

This year we have taken this concept even further, by designing this report as an online resource which is more interactive, intuitive and visually engaging. A PDF version of the report is also available for download.

Dr Jeff Harmer

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