Triple bottom line report 2004-05

FaCS Triple Bottom Line Report 2004-05: About this report

Limited Assurance

The Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) has provided a limited assurance review of this report based on the agreed terms of reference. The limited assurance statement is at Appendix A. Throughout the report two symbols appear:

This symbol denotes that based on the procedures performed, nothing has come to the attention of the ANAO to suggest the data is materially misstated.

This symbol denotes that based on procedures performed, the ANAO was unable to conclude that the data was free from material misstatement.

Data that has not been marked with either symbol was not within the scope of the assurance engagement and as such has not been provided with assurance over its completeness, accuracy or reliability.


Indicators used in this report are sourced from:

A consolidated list of indicators that have been reported against is at Appendix B.

Where relevant, and for ease of comparison, 2003–04 figures are included in brackets after the 2004–05 figures.


In the previous two triple bottom line reports, the Department of Family and Community Services made a number of commitments that remain ongoing. A summary table of progress made against these commitments appears at the beginning of each performance reporting chapter. Details on the measures taken to meet these commitments are reported in relevant sections of each chapter.

Each of the performance reporting chapters also contains a list of new commitments for 2005-06.

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