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Quality assurance

In this section:

2B: Quality assurance: Disability Services Standards, Evidence Guidelines and self-assessment worksheets.

In this section, you will find the Disability Services Standards and Evidence Guidelines that you need. You will also find self-assessment worksheets, which allow you to rate your own organisation against each of the Disability Services Standards.

The three service types are:

  1. Australian Disability Enterprises
  2. Disability Employment Services – Disability Management Services
  3. Disability Employment Services –. Employment Support Services

You will need to use appropriate Disability Services Standards, Evidence Guidelines and self-assessment worksheets for each service type that your organisation operates. It should be noted that one set of Standards, Evidence Guidelines and self-assessment worksheets has been developed for use by both service types of Disability Employment Services.

Disability Services Standards

The Disability Services Standards and associated key performance indicators (KPIs) define the elements of quality service delivery for people with disability. To be certified, service providers must comply with and demonstrate continuous improvement against the Disability Services Standards.

The Disability Services Standards have the same intent across all service types, but may require different kinds of evidence to demonstrate compliance and continuous improvement. You must ensure that your organisation follows the relevant set of Standards and KPIs for your service type/s.

Evidence Guidelines

Evidence Guidelines are tools to help you gather and develop evidence to:

There are different sets of Evidence Guidelines for Australian Disability Enterprises and Disability Employment Services.  This has a particular impact on organisations providing a mixture of several services types as you are required to provide evidence against each service type.

It is important to remember that the Evidence Guidelines are not intended to be a compliance checklist. Rather they offer examples and guidance only. If you have different or additional evidence that shows how your organisation has complied with, or continually improved against the Standards, you can present that evidence to your audit team.

Organisational checklist-Evidence Guidelines
Have we considered: tick
Located and reviewed the correct Evidence Guidelines for our organisation?  
Used Evidence Guidelines to develop material to show our auditors?  
Reviewed the Evidence Guidelines internally to assess our performance?  
Reviewed the Evidence Guidelines internally to find ways to continually improve?  


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