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Training and Assessing Workbook - Train the Trainer toolkit


Section 3: Resources

3.1 Australian Government Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaCSIA)

FaCSIA has recently published a series of training resources to help Disability Employment Services develop the skills and abilities of supported employees. Examples are:

3.2 Websites

Australian Disability Clearinghouse on Education and Training

The Australian Disability Clearinghouse on Education and Training (ADCET) provides information about teaching, learning and assessment strategies, accommodations and support services for people with disability in post-secondary education and training.

Brookes Publishing

This website has a broad range of books and resources to support people working with supported employees. Most of the materials are American but, this does not detract from the usefulness of much of the material. There is specialist material about topics such as developmental disability , learning disability, communication and language, behaviour, and mental health. The website provides access to professional references and practical handbooks for assessment tools.

Special Needs Project

The Special Needs Project is an American website that offers books, videos/DVDs and related items about mental and physical disability.

Untangling the web

Based in the USA, this website has a disability-related resources menu that provides hundreds of links to information about training and training-related topics such as:

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