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Training and Assessing Workbook - Powerpoint presentation


A background to training and learning

Role of a workplace trainer

To assist supported employees learn the skills and knowledge to do their work.

Role of the workplace trainer in Disability Employment Services

Provides support to employees to help the service meet:

Skills and abilities of workplace trainers

It also helps to have the ability to…

It is essential to…

… understand the impact some disabilities can have on the supported employee's capacity to retain skills and knowledge

What is workplace training about?

It is about ensuring employees are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to complete their work safely and to the required standard

Are learning preferences important?

It helps to have some understanding about supported employees' learning preferences

How will supported employees learn best?

They will want to:

Learning styles

Barriers to learning

Is training always the answer?

Look at the whole picture before deciding

What is competency?

Skill, knowledge, ability or behaviour that is associated with performance

What is competency-based training?

Provides supported employees with the skills and knowledge to be able to perform their work competently, to the standard expected by the service

Is training usually a 'one-off' event or is it continuous?

Training and business goals

Training in any organisation needs to lead to a change in outcomes – to assist the organisation meet its goals

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