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Training and Assessing Workbook - Implementation guide


Section 1: Delivering a workshop

1.1 What are the key features of a good workshop?

There are two key features of a good workshop. These are:

1.2 How can participants get involved in the workshop?

Encourage participants to share information. The workshop can provide a great opportunity for the participants to learn new skills in training supported employees and facilitating learning from you and from other participants. Allow time for people to:

A large part of your role as a trainer is to encourage contribution within the framework of the session. Remember each participant brings experience; a good trainer's expertise lies in assisting learning and the gathering of information, not in being the expert.

The workshops, while short, can provide participants with ideas and experiences they can take back to their workplace and use to further develop their skills.

1.3 What are some advantages of participant involvement?

Advantages of participant involvement include:

1.4 What are some of the barriers to participant involvement?

Barriers may include:

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