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Training and Assessing Workbook - Foreword

This resource is for supervisors and team leaders in Disability Employment Services. It aims to assist staff who have responsibility for training people with disability to work safely and effectively in the workplace.

Training is part of the daily routine for team leaders in Disability Employment Services. A team leader in one Disability Employment Service said, '99.9 per cent of training is on-the-job'. This resource package includes some information about off-the-job training, most of the information is about improving training delivered at the supported employee's worksite.

Each workplace has its own language. At your workplace, you may be called a team manager rather than a supervisor or team leader. Employees with disability may be called employees, consumers, supported employees or clients. In order to be consistent, we have referred to you as supervisors or team leaders and the people you are training are referred to as supported employees throughout the resource.

There are four parts to this resource package. They are illustrated below.

This diagram illustrates a resource for team leaders training and assessing supported employees in Disability Employment Services

  1. Train the Trainer manual. The manual guides you through important issues for training. There are PowerPoint® slides, case studies and activities as well as discussion points and hints to help you. You may prefer to work through the manual at your own pace or join a workshop with other supervisors where you can share experiences and information about training supported employees. The manual is divided into five sections. Section 1 provides some background to learning and training while Section 2 covers identifying training needs. Section 3 looks at how to design effective training for supported employees and Section 4 discusses delivering training. Assessing, evaluation and reporting are all covered in Section 5.
  2. Train the Trainer toolkit. The toolkit has sample training templates and checklists for preparing, delivering, assessing and evaluating training. It also contains lists of reference books, organisations and websites with information about training supported employees. Space is provided so that you can add to the lists.
  3. Implementation guide. This guide is for use by facilitators to introduce the Train the Trainer manual and Train the Trainer toolkit to supervisors working in Disability Employment Services. It contains session plans for two, four and six hour workshops and a series of activities. The guide also contains ideas for using the PowerPoint® slides to meet the needs of your training session.

An important aspect of successful training is good communication. You would be aware there are some ways of communicating with supported employees that are more effective than others. This manual briefly discusses communication in training. The Australian Government Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaCSIA) has produced a series of manuals and fact sheets called Work Talk. The Work Talk series provides information about communicating effectively in the workplace with people with:

Copies of these resources will be available in your Disability Employment Service or you can access copies by contacting the Department at Take some time to read the manuals and fact sheets. They provide some good ideas about clear communication in workplace training.

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