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Consumer training and support - Resource directory


Trainer's guide - Training resources and information products

The materials in the blue folder have been developed primarily to assist support workers and managers in Disability Business and Advocacy Services to provide training to other employees in these services, including people with disability. They may also be useful in meeting similar needs of other employers, parents and carers and the wider community.

Picture of training resources

Training and Assessing

Type of product Training product
Mode of delivery To be delivered by training staff of Disability Business Services
Relevant Disability
Services Standards
Standard 1 Service access

Standard 2 Individual needs

Standard 3 Decision making and choice

Standard 4 Privacy, dignity and confidentiality

Standard 5 Participation and integration

Standard 6 Valued status

Standard 7 Complaints and disputes

Standard 8 Service management

Standard 9 Employment conditions

Standard 10 Service recipient training and support

Standard 11 Staff recruitment, employment and training

Standard 12 Protection of human rights and freedom from abuse
Audience Support staff of Disability Business Services
Type of delivery
  • One-on-one or small groups
  • Self-paced
  • Can be integrated into a larger workplace training program
  • Topics can be independently delivered
Resources included
  • Resource for team leaders
  • Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation
  • CD-ROM for easy printing
Product overview This resource is for supervisors and team leaders in Disability Business Services. It aims to assist staff who have responsibility for training people with disability to work safely and effectively in the workplace. There are four parts to this resource including the Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation.
  1. Train the Trainer manual. The manual guides you through important issues for training. There are Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation, case studies and activities, as well as discussion points and hints to help you.
  2. Train the Trainer manual. This manual is an 'e' book containing video interviews from trainers.
  3. Train the Trainer toolkit. The toolkit has sample training templates and checklists for preparing, delivering, assessing and evaluating training. It also contains lists of reference books, organisations and websites with information about training supported employees.
  4. Implementation guide. This guide is for use by facilitators to introduce the Train the Trainer manual and Train the Trainer toolkit to supervisors working in Disability Business Services. It contains session plans for two-, four-and six-hour workshops and a series of activities.

The guide also contains ideas for using the Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation to meet the needs of your training session.

There are two versions of the manual, one supported by video clips, the other is supported by the Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation.

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