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About Australian Disability Enterprises - a factsheet for school leavers

Are you leaving school? Do you have a disability? Would you like a job? You should think about working at an Australian Disability Enterprise. An Australian Disability Enterprise helps lots of people get a job and keep it.

What is An Australian Disability Enterprise?

An Australian Disability Enterprise is a business. It sells products and services. It is just like any other business, but An Australian Disability Enterprise employs people with disability.

I have never worked before. Can I get a job with An Australian Disability Enterprise?

You can get a job, even if you have never worked before. The Australian Disability Enterprise will:

What help will I get at work?

You will get the help you need to do your job. For example, you may need some new tools to do your job. Or you may need some help from a supervisor to do your job. Or you may need to work at a time that suits you.

What sort of job will I have?

Each Australian Disability Enterprise sells different products and services. There are lots of different jobs. For example, your job may be:

How much will I get paid?

The Australian Disability Enterprise will pay you a wage. When you get a job, they will do a 'wage assessment'. Then the Australian Disability Enterprise will tell you how much you will get paid for the work you do.

Why would I want to work at An Australian Disability Enterprise?

Having a job will make you feel good!

Is there An Australian Disability Enterprise near me?

There are more than 600 Australian Disability Enterprises in Australia. There may be An Australian Disability Enterprise near where you live.

Who do I contact?

For more information about Australian Disability Enterprises and what's available in your area, contact Centrelink by phone on 131 021 to make an appointment or visit

You can also contact the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.

Phone 1300 653 227



You or your parents, carer or teacher can also search the Internet for the Australian Disability Enterprise closest to you. Go to the ADE website

What people say about working at An Australian Disability Enterprise

"I came here after my accident. The staff are great. Every day they help me do my job. Sometimes I can't remember what I need to do, but the staff remind me."

Michelle (works at An Australian Disability Enterprise)

"I love my job. This week I'm planting some flowers for a festival in my town."

Po (works at An Australian Disability Enterprise)

"My first job was at our local Australian Disability Enterprise, but now I workin a factory. I got this job because of what I learned at the Australian Disability Enterprise. It was the best thing I did after school. It made me more confident."

Jason (works in open employment)

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