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Support staff workplace responsibilities -Trainer's guide


Key resources

This section of the guide includes details of documents, websites and organisations that you can refer to when you are preparing to use the scenarios. They may also give you materials that allow you to investigate the issues further and that you can refer learners to if they wish to explore a particular issue in more depth.

Policies and procedures

The Disability Services Standards stipulate that business services have policies and procedures in place that relate to the issues portrayed in this resource. Access relevant procedures in your organisation that relate to each scenario to assist in the learning process and to identify any amendments that might be required.

Diversity and workplace culture

Diversity Australia

This website has some good resources relevant to diversity, including workplace training materials.

NSW Premier's Department

This website contains definitions and guidelines relevant to harassment.

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission

The Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW

The Centre for Workplace Communication & Culture

Productive diversity: What it takes to maximise performance in today's business environment

Ashkanasy, NM & Dasborough, MT 2004, 'Building healthy organisations: Managing the emotional aspects of workplace culture', in The power of culture, eds C Barker & R Coy, Australian Institute of Management, Management Today Series, McGraw-Hill, Sydney.

Conflict resolution

Conflict Resolution Network

The Conflict Resolution Network is a great resource to help you manage conflict. It includes:

The material on the 12 skills of conflict resolution and gender-linked values (The Gentle Revolution) may be of particular interest.

CEO online Australia

This website has an interesting focus on the management perspective of managing conflict. Abstracts and summaries are openly accessible but some other content requires membership of the website to access.


Dwyer, J 2005, The business communication handbook, 7th edn, Pearson Education, Sydney.

The companion website ( provides further online resources for trainers and learners. Some parts of the website require membership to view content.


Howe, K 2000, Violence against women with disabilities – An overview of the literature,


Turney, L 2003, 'Mental health and workplace bullying: The role of power, professions and 'on-the-job' training', Australian e-Journal for the Advancement of Mental Health, vol. 2, no. 2,

Hartig, K & Frosch, J 2006, Workplace mobbing syndrome: The 'silent and unseen' occupational hazard, sch%20paper%20FINAL.pdf

Ethics and privacy

Flexible Learning Toolbox – Certificate IV in Government – Units on diversity and ethics, mentorframes.html

State Services Authority, Victoria

A number of publications developed by the Office of Public Employment on ethics and workplace issues are available through this website.

Privacy Victoria

Privacy Victoria is the statutory authority that regulates the way Victorian government agencies and local councils collect and handle personal information. A number of relevant publications are accessible through this website.

General resources

Cole, K 2001, Supervision: The theory and practice of first line management, Prentice Hall, Melbourne.

Victorian WorkCover Authority

This website is important in setting workplace dilemmas in a contaxt of workplace safety.

Jay, R 2003, How to handle tough situations at work: A manager's guide to over 100 testing situations, Pearson Education, England.

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