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Support staff workplace responsibilities -Trainer's guide



Setting the scene

This guide is designed to give you some hints and tips in delivering the learning program – Support staff workplace responsibilities. The guide provides an outline of the resource, the areas it covers, support material and your role in using the resource.

What is the resource?

This resource has been developed to be used either as an independent learning program or as part of a larger training program. The program focuses on issues relating to workplace communication and cultural change that are topical and were identified by people in your industry. The issues are covered under:



Topics 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Ethical conduct            
Misuse of position        
Supervisory responsibilities        
Breach of trust                  
Close personal relationships                  
Effective working relationships                  
Effective communication                  
Inclusive practice                  
Occupational health and safety                  
Duty of care              
Inappropriate communication                  
Managing conflict                  
Inappropriate language                  
Workplace culture              
Grievance mechanisms                  

An integral part of this resource is 10 scenario-based information for PowerPoint® presentations that cover the areas outlined above. The PowerPoint® presentations aim to create engaging and realistic scenarios of workplace incidents and encourage discussion and reflection.

The information for PowerPoint® presentations are short in duration (two to three minutes) and are designed to be:

Information for each PowerPoint® presentation addresses a different workplace scenario. Many scenarios share similar issues and may overlap to some degree. The common themes of workplace communication and cultural change are reinforced throughout the entire program. The scenarios have been developed for you to use as triggers to encourage your support staff to discuss these workplace issues.

This diagram outline The Support staff workplace responsibilities Resouce structure

A diagram outlining The Support staff workplace responsibilities Resouce structure is included above. In the resource each scenario provides you with:

You will need to decide which debrief methods you use. Suggested methods include a learning journal, mind-map, general brainstorm and self-reflection questions.

Your role as a trainer

Your role as a trainer is to guide learners in their learning. You need to provide a safe and secure learning environment where learners feel that they are respected and their input is valued. You need to plan the development of the learning program, including its learning outcomes and what you want to achieve within a given timeframe.

An effective trainer will:

A useful resource to help you facilitate training is 'Training & Assessing', a resource package to assist the training of supported employees in Disability Business Services. It includes a manual (print version and electronic/e-book version), PowerPoint®, a toolkit with sample sheets and checklists, and a Trainer's Guide.

Some hints for facilitating discussion about the scenarios

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