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Support staff workplace responsibilities - Powerpoint presentation


Scenario 5 – Carl

Carl - a supervisor at Kattana Industries

Photo of Carl

Rani - the manager at Kattana Industries

Photo of Rani

Sarah - a supported employee at Kattana Industries

Photo of Sarah

Jonathon - a co-worker of Sarah's

Photo of Jonathon

Dave - a co-worker of Carl's

Photo of Dave

Photo of Carl talking to Sarah

Carl is a supervisor at a small business service, Kattana Industries. Sarah, a supported employee with an intellectual disability, works directly for Carl.

The manager at Kattana is Rani. Rani has been worried for some time that Carl and Sarah are too close. There's been nothing specific, but Rani has noticed them sitting very close in the lunch room and they appear to have a number of private conversations.

This morning, one of Sarah's co-workers, Jonathon, has come to see Rani.

Photo of Rani talking to Jonathon

[Jonathon]: I don't think it's fair.

[Rani]: What's not fair, Jonathon?

[Jonathon]: Aw, you're just taking their side too.

[Rani]: Sorry, Jonathon, taking whose side?

[Jonathon]: Well, I don't think it's fair that Sarah gets to go into town with Carl just because she's his girlfriend. I wanted to go into town too.

[Rani]: What do you mean Sarah is Carl's girlfriend?

[Jonathon – sounding a bit sheepish]: Everybody knows about them. They go to the movies together.

Photo of Rani talking to Dave

Rani is now very concerned about what she has heard. Before speaking to Carl, she decides to ask around some of the other supervisors to see what they know.

[Rani]: Dave, have you heard any rumours about Carl and Sarah?

[Dave]: You mean that they are having a relationship? Yeah, I heard it but I don't believe it. Carl is a top bloke.

[Rani]: But Dave, why on earth didn't you say anything to me about this?

[Dave]: Because I knew you'd blow it out of all proportion. Look, it's just lunch room gossip. There's no way Carl would do anything like that.

Photo of Rani talking to Carl

[Rani]: Carl, I have to ask you something and I need an honest answer from you.

[Carl – sounding light-hearted]: Gee, this sounds a bit serious. Did I forget to buy the milk again?

[Rani]: I'd rather you didn't joke Carl. Can you please tell me the nature of your relationship with Sarah?

[Carl – getting angry]: What? What are you accusing me of? What have people been saying?

[Rani]: Calm down please, Carl.

[Carl]: Don't tell me to calm down. You can get stuffed!

After Carl has stormed out of Rani's office, she contemplates her next step for a few minutes. She decides to go and talk to Carl again and try and get his side of the story. Initially she can't find him. Then she notices him out in the garden, talking to Sarah.

Photo of Sarah talking to Carl

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