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Support staff workplace responsibilities - Powerpoint presentation


Scenario 10 – Phuong

Phuong – a supported employee at Tangent Business Service

Photo of Phuong

Vicki – a supervisor at Tangent Business Service

Photo of Vicki

Simon – another supported employee at Tangent Business Service

Photo of Simon

Photo of Phuong infront of a machine

Phuong has been working as a supported employee at Tangent Business Service for the past two years. Phuong works in the same area as Simon, another supported employee. Their supervisor, Vicki, has noticed for a while that Simon and Phuong don't appear to get along very well.

Photo of Phuong and Simon entering Vicki's room

[Vicki – calling out]: Come on, fellas – what's the rush?

[Phuong]: Watch it, mate. What do you think you're doing?

[Simon]: Hey, listen – I'm not your mate. Just get out of my way next time.

Photo of Simon talking to his colleague

[Simon]: You know, you think he'd know when to back off – he's very SLOW … if you know what I mean …

[Small group – laughing]: Yeah, we know what you mean.

Photo of Simon and his colleagues

[Phuong]: Oh, come on -I need a seat. Can you move your bag please?

[Simon]: Sorry -I mentioned to Jan I would keep her a place, (sarcastically) SORRY MATE.

Photo of Simon and his colleague

[Phuong]: Really, can't you move up one?

[Simon]: Sorry. Don't take it personally but can't you just find another seat? Why don't you sit next to someone more like you? Anyway, Vicki is watching you.

Photo of Vicki

[Vicki]: Is everything alright? Everyone got a seat? Phuong, are you alright? What's the matter?

[Phuong]: Nothing. I'm just getting myself a spot.

[Simon]: Gee mate, you're so small you can squeeze in anywhere.

[Vicki]: Come on now, settle down.

Photo of Vicki talking to her team

[Vicki]: I want to talk to you two. It appears you have a few issues.

[Simon]: I reckon Phuong's got some issues but they're nothing to do with me. I'm just trying to do my job.

[Phuong]: What do you mean I have some issues?

[Simon]: Jeez, you're a bit touchy, mate.

[Phuong]: Don't you 'mate' me. Isn't that what you said?

[Vicki]: OK, fellas, cut it out.

[Simon]: Phuong, you're getting yourself all worked up over nothing again. Don't go getting your noodles in a twist (laughs).

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Exploring the issues

Debrief questions

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