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When I'm at work: Working on a committee - Powerpoint presentation

Working on a committee

You will learn about:

Photo of committee meeting

Topic 1 - What is a committee?

A committee is a group of people who work together for others to do things that will benefit everyone.

What is a workplace committee?

A workplace committee is a group of people who work together for others to do things that will benefit everyone in the workplace.

What do people on workplace committees do?

People on committees work together for other people in the workplace, to do things that are related to the workplace. These things will benefit everyone in the workplace.

Focus questions

Bob's story

Now watch and listen to Bob's story.

Hi. My name is Bob. I am a member of the safety committee at my workplace. I look out for things that keep us safe at work. Workers tell me about things we should talk about at our safety committee meetings.

Photo of Bob

Questions for discussion

Topic 2 - Why do we have workplace committees?

We have workplace committees:

Focus questions

The pool table story

Now watch and listen to the pool table story.

The social club received a letter at its monthly meeting from Joe, Ross and Alf.

The letter said, 'We are really cross and don't want to pay any more money to the social club because we haven't been able to play pool at lunchtime for four weeks. It seems to be always the same blokes who get the table and hog it with their mates. This isn't fair because we helped pay for this table as much as they did and we don't get a chance to play pool.'

The pool table

The social club committee discuss the letter. What can the committee do to solve the problem?

Questions for discussion

Topic 3 - How are workplace committees chosen?

People can be on a workplace committee because:

Focus questions

Brenda's story

Now watch and listen to Brenda's story.

DB Services has a quality committee and there has to be one person from each of the work areas on the committee.

Brenda used to work on the gardening crew and she was their representative on the quality committee. She has just moved over to the packing team. Carl from the packing team is already on the quality committee, so Brenda can't be on the quality committee anymore.

Photo of Brenda

The gardening crew has elected Jenny to replace Brenda on the quality committee. Brenda is going to come to the next quality committee meeting to help Jenny learn what happens at the meetings.

Questions for discussion

Bruce and Joyce's story

Now watch and listen to Bruce and Joyce's story.

Bruce and Joyce are supported employees in Hillside Business Services and have been nominated to join the safety committee.

As only one position is vacant, an election is going to be held. Bruce and Joyce understand that only one of them can be on the committee. They are both keen to be on the committee and have been talking with the other workers about why they should vote for them.

Photo of Bruce and Joyce

Bruce has talked about his previous experience on the committee and how he is a good listener. Joyce has not been on a committee before but she has good ideas and is a responsible person.

Questions for discussion

Sarah's story

Now watch and listen to Sarah's story.

Parkview Business Services is planning to hold its annual Christmas party in the local park.

A committee is to be formed to help organise the party.

Sarah, a new employee, volunteers to be on the committee.

Photo of Sarah

Questions for discussion

Topic 4 - What roles are there on workplace committees?

Workplace committees usually have:

Focus questions

Brian's story

Now watch and listen to Brian's story.

Photo of group meeting

Brian works at DB Services on the gardening team. He's also the chairperson of the DB Services social club committee.

Mario, a supervisor at DB Services, is the treasurer of the DB Services social club committee.

Chen is the gardening team's representative on the committee.

Lisa and Julia are also team representatives on the DB Services social club committee.

At the monthly committee meeting, Brian wants to discuss the Christmas party. He asks Mario how much money there is to spend but before Mario can answer, Lisa interrupts.

Mario and Brian are annoyed. Brian tells Lisa that she has to wait her turn. He continues his conversation with Mario.

Brian then asks Chen to talk about what the gardening team wants to do for the Christmas party. Chen is surprised. Brian works on the gardening team so he knows perfectly well what the team wants.

Brian tells Chen that it's her job to say what the gardening team wants because she's the team representative.

Brian sees that Julia's hand is up, so he asks her to speak after Chen has finished. Julia has just started talking when Lisa interrupts again.

Brian firmly asks Lisa to be quiet. He then asks Julia to continue with what she was saying.

In the meantime, Lisa has put her hand up. When Julia has finished talking, Brian asks Lisa to speak.

Questions for discussion

Amir's story

Now watch and listen to Amir's story.

Amir has been on the safety committee at DB Services for three months. He represents the new printing service crew. He has been to every meeting. He comes on time and listens quietly to what is being said. If Lynne, the chairperson, asks him if he wants to ask anything he either shakes his head or says no. He pins the notes of the meeting up on the noticeboard in his work area after every meeting.

Photo of Amir

Before one meeting, Lillian, one of the other people at the printing service, asks him to raise at the meeting that there is a problem with fumes in the copier room. Lillian and other people are getting headaches that they think come from working in there.

Amir goes to the meeting, but he doesn't say anything about the fumes.

When she sees the notes of the meeting, Lillian is very angry and says Amir is not doing his job properly.

Questions for discussion

Topic 5 - What does it mean to represent other people?

Representing other people means that you:

Committee members learn how to:

Focus questions

Louise's story

Now watch and listen to Louise's story.

Louise attends the meeting of the quality committee each Tuesday morning. At the meeting, she is asked to raise any issues from her work area. Her response is always that there are no issues.

When she returns from the meeting, her supervisor asks her to tell the workers in her area what was discussed and any decisions made at the meeting.

Louise's response is often that she has nothing to report.

Photo of Louise

Questions for discussion

Carl's story

Now watch and listen to Carl's story.

At the last meeting of the DB Services safety committee, Bill reported that someone was nearly hit by a forklift because they hadn't used the safe walkway in the warehouse.

The committee talked about the best way to make sure people used the safe walkways. Sally, the safety officer, said she would get some new posters and put them up. Bill knew that some people in his team didn't notice the posters. He thought that part of the problem was that the markings on the floor had worn off. He suggested getting a painter to come in and put the markings back.

Carl listened and spoke up next. He said that he agreed with Bill and Sally. His idea was that the people who worked in the warehouse could repaint the floor markings and put up the posters. Then they would know where the safe walkways were and what was on the posters.

The committee agreed that his idea was a good one and that is what they would do.

Photo of Carl

Questions for discussion

Topic 6 - What happens during committee meetings?

Every meeting has:

Focus questions

Topic 7 - Who can you talk to about getting the skills to be a committee member?

Workplace committees:

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