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When I'm at work: Working on a committee - Learner's workbook


Topic 6 - What happens during committee meetings?

What you will need

You will need:

You're ready so let's start ...

Watch the slides carefully. They will tell you what this topic is about. The slides are about the information in the boxes. Your trainer will talk with you about this information.

What happens during committee meetings?

Committee meetings need to be run properly. For this to happen, there are things that are part of every meeting. Here are some of those things.

Photo of committee meeting


An agenda is a list of everything that will be talked about during a committee meeting. If you want something discussed at a committee meeting, you should contact your team representative or the secretary of the committee. That person will add it to the agenda for discussion.

Here is the agenda for a safety committee meeting at Evergreen Industries.

Meeting Agenda


Minutes are notes of everything that happens during a committee meeting. The secretary of the committee usually writes these notes down. This is called taking the minutes. After each committee meeting, the minutes are sent to everyone on the committee.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Parts of a committee meeting

For committee meetings to be run properly, they should follow an order.

Making decisions during meetings

Decisions that committees make have to be fair because they affect everyone in the workplace. That's why making decisions during committee meetings involves several steps.

Workbook activities

Write down some of the meeting rules that you thought of.

What should you not talk about during a committee meeting?

What did you learn during the role play of the canteen committee meeting?

Which role did you play? What specific things did you do while you were in the role?

What did you learn about what happens during committee meetings?

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