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When I'm at work: Working on a committee - Learner's workbook


Topic 5 - What does it mean to represent other people?

What you will need

You will need:

You're ready so let's start ...

Watch the slides carefully. They will tell you what this topic is about. The slides are about the information in the box. Your trainer will talk with you about this information.

What skills do you need to be a committee member?

Representing other people on a workplace committee carries lots of responsibility with it.

To represent other people means that you:

Committee members learn how to:

Louise's story

Now watch and listen to Louise's story.

Louise attends the meeting of the quality committee each Tuesday morning. At the meeting, she is asked to raise any issues from her work area. Her response is always that there are no issues.

When she returns from the meeting, her supervisor asks her to tell the workers in her area what was discussed and any decisions made at the meeting.

Louise's response is often that she has nothing to report.

Photo of Louise

Questions for discussion

1. What would you have done differently if you were Louise?

2. How would you have represented her in the work area?

3. What can Louise do now to better represent her work area?

4. How can Louise's supervisor help her?

Carl's story

Now watch and listen to Carl's story.

At the last meeting of the DB Services safety committee, Bill reported that someone was nearly hit by a forklift because they hadn't used the safe walkway in the warehouse.

The committee talked about the best way to make sure people used the safe walkways. Sally, the safety officer, said she would get some new posters and put them up. Bill knew that some people in his team didn't notice the posters. He thought that part of the problem was that the markings on the floor had worn off. He suggested getting a painter to come in and put the markings back.

Carl listened and spoke up next. He said that he agreed with Bill and Sally. His idea was that the people who worked in the warehouse could repaint the floor markings and put up the posters. Then they would know where the safe walkways were and what was on the posters.

The committee agreed that his idea was a good one and that is what they would do.

Photo of Carl

Questions for discussion

1. How did being on the committee help Carl get his idea?

2. Can you think of a time when you got a good idea from hearing what other people had to say?

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