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When I'm at work: Using a computer - Trainer's guide



Who is this resource for?

You do not need to be an experienced trainer to use this resource with supported employees. The Training and Assessing and Work Talk resources support this resource, and provide further assistance for you. This resource has been developed for use with supported employees who are working in a Disability Business Service.

Aim of the resource

The resource provides information and activities that aim to assist supported employees to use computers in the workplace.

What is in this resource?

The resource contains:


This resource has been developed to be used as a stand-alone training program. You could also integrate it into a larger training program that your workplace may already have in place.

The topics covered are:

At the end of each topic is a checklist for the learner identifying the areas covered. This could be printed and signed by the learner and the trainer as part of the training record.

The images and examples in this guide are from Microsoft Word® 2003 and Microsoft Outlook® 2003.

The information and images used in the resource are for a right-handed user. It is important that you check with learners prior to commencing each session whether they are right-or left-handed. Adjust the information as required to meet the needs of learners who are left-handed.

Planning the training session

What else will you need?

You may also need:

Using the trainer's guide

The trainer's guide is structured to provide you with additional information to support delivery of the training session.

The trainer's guide replicates the learner's workbook, but provides additional information and delivery tips.

Trainer represent information icon This icon is used to represent information for the trainer.

Learner's workbook

The learner's workbook can be used as a self-paced resource or as part of a trainer-led session. The learner's workbook will guide supported employees through the following topics:

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