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When I'm at work: Teamwork - Powerpoint presentation

Alan and his team

What do you think are the good things about work teams?

Photo of Alan

Important point!

Having different people in the team can make it easier for a team to get a job done.

Roger asks for help

Who do you talk to in your work team when you need help?

Photo of Roger asks for help

Important point!

Team members help each other.

Helen asks for feedback

What feedback do you get from your team members?

What feedback do you give your team members?

Photo of Helen asks for feedback

Important point!

Giving and getting feedback helps to make the team work better.

Different people, but the same team

What are the differences between people in your work team?

How do the differences make the team work well?

Photo of Karly

Important point!

It's good to have different people in the team.

Dina needs some help

How do your team members help each other get work done?

Photo of Dina asks for help

Important point!

Team members need help sometimes to get work done.

Wayne and his team ask for equipment

What did Wayne do that was helpful for his team?

Photo of Wayne

Important point!

Remember work rules when making suggestions to the team about changes.

Lawrence helps the team

How does your team share work information?

Photo of Lawrence helps the team

Important point!

Share work information with the team.

Vicky has some ideas

How does your team share ideas about changing the way work is done?

Photo of Vicky moved from the Red Team to the Green Team

Important point!

Ideas about making work better should be talked about with the team.

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