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When I'm at work: Supported employee induction Trainer's guide


Sample induction checklist

A sample checklist

Below is a sample checklist of items that need to be covered during an induction process. You can use this one, or customise it to your workplace requirements.

Induction forms can be completed either as you go through the induction process with the new supported employee, or when you sit down with the employee at the end of the first day as a confirmation activity.

Have the employee fill out the copy of the checklist in the learner’s workbook to keep as a reference as well.

Name _______________________________________________

Department/Section ____________________________________

Date completed ________________________________________

Done Workplace matters Notes
Workplace structure management, key personnel and relevant roles and responsibilities
Site layout (including provision of map of workplace)
Communications and management structures
Occupational health and safety
Accident/hazard reporting
Emergency procedures, fire drill, first aid
Absenteeism and lateness
Time and attendance system
Complaints procedure (including CRRS)
Grievance procedures
Done Employment position matters Notes
Facilities and amenities
Job description – duties, what will you be doing?
Training support, assistance, mentoring, training and development
Job-specific health and safety training
Performance appraisal and reporting
Personal protective equipment (PPE)
Handling and storage
Timings/work hours and meal-breaks
Use and care of, and issues with, tools and equipment
Initial points of contact for help - buddy, team leader, supervisor
Work space or work station
Technical training
Stationery and supplies
Done Individual matters Notes
Rights and legal issues
Pay/wage assessment
Access to personal data
Restricted areas, access, passes
Food and drink areas
Dress codes
Transport and parking
General administration
Smoking policy and designated areas
Social activities and clubs


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