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When I'm at work: Supported employee induction Trainer's guide


Key topics and strategies

Suggested key topics and strategies

You can customise the learner’s workbook to your organisation and to each new supported employee, depending on their needs. In the areas that are highlighted in grey, insert relevant induction information from your workplace to create a customised workbook for each new supported employee.

Here are some examples of content and suggested inclusions that may or may not be relevant to your organisation. You also need to decide on the details to be covered in each topic, depending on the new supported employee’s needs.

The Disability Services Standards


Overview of the workplace

Induction buddy

Map of the workplace

Sample map

Map of Workplace

Emergency procedures and phone numbers

Code of conduct

Dress standards

Roles and responsibilities



Working hours and meal breaks

Applying for leave

Training at work

Access and equity, and equal employment opportunity

Complaints about work


Harassment and bullying

Privacy and confidentiality

Occupational health and safety (OH&S)

WorkCover/workplace incident

First aid procedures

Additional suggested topics

Other suggested topics for the induction process include:

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