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When I'm at work: Supported employee induction Trainer's guide



What is in this trainer’s guide?

This trainer’s guide has been developed as part of a resource for inducting new supported employees into the workplace.

The induction resource comprises:

The resource provides you with an overview of what you might include in an induction program. It comprises key topics, strategies to address them, a timeline, and a checklist for doing so. Its structure is outlined below.

What is the purpose of induction?

A good induction program will introduce new supported employees to the workplace, help them settle into their new positions and also provide them with valuable information necessary for carrying out their roles. It is the supervisor/team leader’s responsibility to ensure new supported employees are successfully inducted.

What are the key areas to address during induction?

An induction program needs to include:

What each of these inclusions mean for the supervisor/team leader and new supported employee is outlined on the following pages.

Overview of the induction process

It is very important to explain the induction process to new supported employees, including what they can expect, who will be conducting the induction, and how long it will take.

Background information about the organisation

The induction process should include background information about the organisation, such as:

Employer’s legal obligations

It is a condition of employment that all employees read and understand the legislative requirements. Although the organisation’s policy documents will provide most of the important information about employee and employer legislative obligations and requirements, you need to discuss this information with new supported employees to ensure they completely understand it. Providing a list of the relevant state and commonwealth legislative Acts the organisation may be required to adhere to would be useful. Some of the employer’s important legal obligations are contained in the following legislation.

Other important legal responsibilities of the employer include the development of:

Conditions of employment

It is vitally important that you, as a supervisor or team leader, explain to the new supported employee the conditions of employment (including probation and induction period) and the expectations of the role. You should conduct the first performance appraisal discussion in the first week of employment.

Introductions to key personnel

Introducing the new supported employee to key personnel and important contact people in the workplace is an important part of the induction program. These people may include:

Familiarisation with services and facilities

With the induction buddy’s assistance, you should help the new supported employee to locate useful services and facilities. These may include:

Customising the learner’s workbook

The learner’s workbook is a Microsoft Word® document that is designed to be customised to your organisation and its needs.

Workbook content that is highlighted with grey shading is designed to be replaced, if necessary, by information relevant to your organisation.

Once customised to the workplace, the learner’s workbook should be completed by the inducting staff member, together with the new supported employee.

The learner’s workbook contains a sample DVD questionnaire that should be completed with the new supported employee during the viewing of either of the DVDs. This activity will help you to confirm whether or not a new supported employee has understood the induction process. These questions are by no means exhaustive and you should add/replace questions that are specific to your organisation, as you see fit.

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