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When I'm at work: Supported employee induction Learner's workbook


About your workplace

Overview of the workplace

Insert your own text here by deleting this shaded explanatory text and insert the overview text pertaining to your organisation. Ensure you write in plain English that is easy to understand.

Outline in your first paragraph where and when the organisation was first set up. Explain the organisation’s aim. Then add the following information.

This photo shows an overview of the workplace

Insert caption for picture above

Note: Replace with picture relevant to your organisation.

Who’s who

The supervisor/team leader conducting your induction is: insert name/s
Board of directors insert name/s
Chief executive officer(s) insert name/s
Finance and administration manager(s) insert name/s
Operations manager(s) insert name/s
Service development manager(s) insert name/s
Business development manager(s) insert name/s
Training services coordinator(s) insert name/s
Payroll administrator(s) insert name/s
Social Club Committee(s) insert name/s
Employment consultant(s) insert name/s
Administration staff insert name/s
Training assistant(s) insert name/s
Team leaders insert name/s

This photos shows a person doing his presentation

Insert caption for picture above

Note: Replace with picture relevant to your organisation.

Map of the Disability Business Service

Note: Replace diagram with map of your organisation.

Map of the Disability Business Service

Insert caption for diagram above

Emergency procedures and phone numbers

Emergencies can happen at work and insert name of service has trained people and procedures in place to help you. We practise these procedures at regular intervals to help ensure your safety. In an emergency, wardens direct you to a safe location. In any emergency, follow the directions of police and emergency services staff.

Contact: Name – Number – Photo


We update the internal telephone directory regularly, and send any changes in telephone numbers to reception so that the directory can be updated. You can find the telephone directory at (insert location).

(Insert name of service) phones are mainly for business use. Phones should not be used for personal calls, except in the case of emergencies. If you need to use a phone for personal reasons when you are at work, speak with your team leader or supervisor.

You can ring the following emergency numbers from any of the workplace phones.

First aid contact Name – Number – Photo
Emergency 0-000 (the normal ‘000’ number may require an initial ‘0’ to get an outside line)
Facilities manager Name – Number – Photo
On-site supervisor Name – Number – Photo

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