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When I'm at work: Supported employee induction Learner's workbook


The induction process

The first day

On your first day, your workplace will:

At the end of the first week

At the end of the first week, your supervisor will take you back through your induction process to make sure you understand what has been covered. Your supervisor will also clear up any questions you might have after working for a week.

At the end of three months

After three months, you will have a meeting with your supervisor to talk about how you have been going. This meeting is called a probationary review meeting. Things you might talk about include:

Your workplace will also set a date for your next appraisal.

At the end of 12 months

You should have settled in by now and learned lots of new skills. These skills will be written down to show what areas you can work in and what machinery you can use. At this time, you will also have had a wage assessment that may lead to better pay because of the skills you now have.

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