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When I'm at work: Solving problems - Trainer's guide



Appendix 1

Worksheet 1: Four steps to solving problems

Worksheet 1: Four steps to solving problems diagram

Worksheet 1: Four steps to solving problems diagram

Appendix 2

Worksheet 2: How would you feel if this happened to you?

1. A job that you would like to do has been given to someone else.

A diagram showign three faces: a happy face, an indifferent face and a sad face

2. Someone tells you they do not want to work with you anymore.

A diagram showign three faces: a happy face, an indifferent face and a sad face

3. Another worker tells you that you are doing your job wrong, when you know this is not true.

A diagram showign three faces: a happy face, an indifferent face and a sad face

Appendix 3


Samantha's story

Samantha is a fast worker. Her co-workers think she is bossy. Samantha is always first to finish her work. When she is finished, she often goes over to where Phillip and Mary sit and says, 'I will finish your work for you'. Phillip and Mary have been getting sick of Samantha doing this.

Last week Mary was very angry with Samantha and pushed her aside saying, 'You leave me alone, Miss Bossy Boots'. Samantha started crying and said, 'I was only trying to help'.

Bruce's story

Bruce has been acting strangely. He used to be one of the best workers on his line at XYZ Packaging, but lately he has been making a lot of mistakes. He also seems to be having trouble concentrating on his work.

Last week a customer sent back an order because more than half of it was wrong. Bruce had done this order. Because it needed to be done again it cost XYZ Packaging a lot of money.

Some of his co-workers have noticed that Bruce has been talking to himself. He also told two members of his team to throw all the boxes with red labels into the rubbish bin. When they checked with the supervisor they found out that this was wrong.

Bruce doesn't seem to notice that what he is doing is causing problems.

Lily's story

Lily and Jelena work together at DFL Enterprises, a business service which has a food section that makes lunches for businesses. Everyone who works in the food section must do a training course, Certificate II in Food Handling.

Lily has been working with Jelena in the mail section at DFL for the last four years. When the food section was set up six months ago Lily was asked if she would like to work there. She told her supervisor that she was happy to stay where she was. Recently Jelena has been asked to do the Food Handling course by Martin, who is the supervisor in the food section. After she finishes the course she will move into that section.

Because Lily hasn't been asked to do the course, she is very angry. She has been taking it out on Jelena, and saying nasty things to her. Lily has said that she has always wanted to join the Army, and doing this course would help her to get in.

'I could be an officer now, if DFL had put me through the training. It's not fair. They give training to some people but not everyone. Only the favourites.'

Lily has been telling people that Jelena has been given the chance to do the course because Martin, the supervisor of the food section, 'fancies her'.

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