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When I'm at work: Solving problems - Trainer's guide



Who is this resource for?

You do not need to be an experienced trainer to use this resource with supported employees. We have included lots of tips to make sure that you will be able to help supported employees understand the information that they need to know about solving workplace problems.

The Training and Assessing and Work Talk resources support this resource, and provide further assistance for you.

This resource has been developed for use with supported employees who are working in a Disability Business Service.

Aim of the resource

The resource provides information and activities that aim to assist supported employees to understand a range of issues around solving workplace problems.

Learning objectives

After taking part in the training, learners should be able to describe:

What is in this resource?

The resource contains:

Note: The learner's worksheet features a learning activity that will help supported employees understand and manage problem solving at work. The integrity of the worksheet will not be compromised if learners do not record their responses on it. However, it will be important for learners to apply their learning, perhaps verbally or through role-play.

What you will need

You will need:

It is vital that everyone's viewpoints are valued and comments are allowed to be made in an open discussion. You should familiarise yourself with your workplace procedures that manage inappropriate behaviour such as bullying and dangerous behaviour.

Your preparation should include knowing your workplace's policies and procedures in relation to grievances and complaints.

What learners will need

Learners will need:

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