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When I'm at work: Solving complaints - Trainer's guide


Topic 4

What you will need

You will need:

It is vital that everyone's viewpoints are valued and comments are allowed to be made in an open discussion. You will need to focus on issues relating to the learning objectives of the topic.

Your preparation should include knowing your organisation's policies and procedures in relation to complaints. You should also be familiar with the Disability Services Standards (particularly Standard 7 that concerns complaints).

What learners will need

Learners will need:

Learning objectives

After taking part in this topic, learners should be able to describe:

Delivering the session

Focus questions

Summarise the previous discussion by asking learners the following questions.

Melissa's story

Show the slide 'Melissa's story'. Ask learners to watch and listen to Melissa's story. Replay the story if you need to.

Show the slide 'Discussion questions'.

Discussion questions

Discuss the following questions about Melissa's story with learners.

Show the slide 'Workbook activities'.

Debrief questions and workbook activities

Debrief Melissa's story by discussing these questions with learners. They highlight the issues that this particular story has raised in relation to complaints. They also reinforce the focus questions of this topic.

After you have discussed each debrief question with learners, ask learners to write their responses in their workbooks, in the spaces provided. Responses can be made in any format, for example in writing or in pictorial form. Learners are free to express themselves in whatever ways they want to.

Explain to learners that the workbooks are their own records of the information that they need in relation to complaints in the workplace. There is no compulsion for learners to provide their own responses if it is not appropriate to do so.

Here are the debrief questions for discussion.

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