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When I'm at work: Solving complaints - Powerpoint presentation


Topic 4

Points for Topic 4

Tips for making a complaint

Talk to a friend or your supervisor.

Sort things out on your own if you can.

Making decisions about complaints

People will listen to everyone’s stories.

They will make a decision about your complaint.

If you are not happy, you can talk to other people.

Focus questions

Your trainer will discuss with you the information you have just heard and read about.

Melissa's story

Now watch and listen carefully to Melissa's story.

This is Melissa, a supported employee.

Photo of Melissa

And this is Charlie, a supported employee who works with Melissa.

Photo of Charlie

This is Sue, Melissa and Charlie's supervisor.

Photo of Sue

Melissa brings $10 to work each day to buy morning tea and lunch.

Photo of Melissa and Charlie

Charlie asks her most days to lend him $4 or $5. This has been going on for months already.

Photo of Melissa and Charlie

Melissa does not like lending him the money because she does not have enough for herself then, and also because Charlie does not pay the money back to her.

Photo of Melissa and Charlie

She is scared though, because Charlie has threatened that he will tell all the other workers something about her. Melissa is not sure what he is going to tell, but she is very worried about it.

Photo of Melissa and Charlie

Melissa feels too afraid to tell anyone about her problem, but she doesn't want to keep giving her money to Charlie. She decides that when Charlie is not around, she will tell Sue. She trusts Sue and thinks she might be able to help.

Photo of Melissa

Discussion questions

Your trainer will discuss some questions about Melissa’s story with you.

Workbook activities

Now find the activities about Melissa’s story in your workbook.

Your trainer will help you with the activities.

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