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When I'm at work: Solving complaints - Powerpoint presentation


Topic 3

Points for Topic 3

What happens when you make a formal complaint?

Making a formal complaint about a serious work problem means:

What happens if people do not take your complaint seriously?

You can talk to other people about your complaint.

Your workplace must tell you who you can talk to.

Focus questions

Your trainer will discuss with you the information you have just heard and read about.

Lisa's story

Now watch and listen carefully to Lisa's story.

This is Lisa, a supported employee.

Photo of Lisa

And this is Sue, Lisa's supervisor.

Photo of Sue

Here's Dawn, another supported employee and also Lisa's friend.

Photo of Dawn

And Peter, another supported employee.

Photo of Peter

Lisa approaches Sue to talk to her …

Photo of Sue sitting on a bench

… about what she sometimes sees happening on the bus, on the way home from work.

Photo of Lisa and sue sitting on a bench

Lisa's friend Dawn likes to sit by herself in the middle row on the bus, but is often joined by Peter, another supported employee.

Photo of Dawn sitting on the bus

Lisa has seen Peter touch Dawn. Lisa is fairly sure that Dawn does not want this happening, but she seems frightened to tell anyone about it.

Photo of Dawn sitting on the bus

Sue is not sure that she believes what Lisa is saying. Peter is one of her best workers and has never done anything wrong. Sue decides she'll ask everyone involved to tell their stories about what's been happening on the bus.

Photo of Sue

Discussion questions

Your trainer will discuss some questions about Lisa’s story with you.

Workbook activities

Now find the activities about Lisa’s story in your workbook.

Your trainer will help you with the activities.

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