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When I'm at work: Solving complaints - Powerpoint presentation


Topic 2

Points for Topic 2

Complaints can make things better

Disability Services Standards

Standard 7 tells you what your workplace must do if you make a complaint.

Standard 4 says that your workplace must keep your complaint private and confidential.

Your right to complain

It is your right to know:

Do not be afraid to complain

Focus questions

Your trainer will discuss with you the information you have just heard and read about.

Dianne's story

Now watch and listen carefully to Dianne's story.

This is Dianne, a supported employee.

Photo of Dianne

And this is Lenny, the manager of the cafeteria at Dianne's workplace.

Photo of Lenny

At Dianne's workplace, employees order their lunches from the workplace cafeteria. A staff member collects the orders each day and hands them out to the employees at lunchtime.

Photo of employee in cafeteria

Dianne orders the same meal each day – sausages, gravy and chips but by the time she receives it, at least half an hour has passed, and the food has become cold and is not very appetising.

Photo of Dianne eating

Dianne wants to complain to Lenny about her cold food but she's a bit afraid to because she doesn't want to make a fuss. What if Lenny is angry with her for complaining? What if she loses her job because of it?

Photo of Dianne

After talking to her supervisor about it, Dianne decides to speak with Lenny. He listens carefully to Dianne's complaint, and explains that the problem is the time delay between the food being cooked and Dianne receiving it. He is glad that Dianne spoke with him about this, as he didn't know the food was cold.

Photo of Dianne and Lenny talking

Lenny says that, from now on, he will keep the lunches warm until they are collected, so that they will still be hot when Dianne and her co-workers receive them.

Photo of Dianne

Dianne is happy to hear this. The next day, her lunchbox is nice and warm when she receives it, so she knows that the food inside will be nice and warm too.

Photo of Dianne and lunch lady

Discussion questions

Your trainer will discuss some questions about Dianne’s story with you.

Workbook activities

Find the activities about Dianne’s story in your workbook.

Your trainer will help you with the activities.

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