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When I'm at work: Solving complaints - Powerpoint presentation


Topic 1

Points for Topic 1

What is a complaint?

A complaint is a problem or worry you have at work that you need to tell someone about.

Different types of complaints

Is your complaint serious or just a grumble?

Is the problem making:

If ‘yes’, then the problem could be more than just a workplace grumble.

When should you make a complaint?

… when you have a problem or worry at work that you cannot work out on your own.

Standard 7 says that your workplace must help you with work-related complaints.

Focus questions

Your trainer will discuss with you the information you have just heard and read about.

Igor’s story

Now watch and listen carefully to Igor's story.

This is Igor, a supported employee.

Photo of Igor

This is his manager, Theresa.

Photo of Teresa

And this is Clive, another supported employee who works with Igor.

Photo of Clive

Igor goes to Theresa to make a complaint about Clive.

Photo of Igor and Teresa talking

Clive always asks Igor the same questions, 'How are you going, Igor?' and 'Have you seen Brian O'Keefe?'. These questions are OK, but Clive asks them up to 20 times a day, whenever Igor goes anywhere near him. Clive does this with most people.

Photo of Igor and Clive talking in front of a machine

Clive's behaviour is really starting to annoy Igor. He tries hard to be nice to Clive, but it is not easy sometimes.

Photo of Igor

For a long time, people have asked Clive to stop asking these questions, but nothing seems to work for long.

Lots of people have complained about Clive's behaviour in the past. The workplace counsellor has talked to Clive about his behaviour, and even that has not helped the problem.

Photo of Clive sitting down across from another man

Igor tells Theresa that he is feeling very stressed because of Clive's behaviour. Igor asks Theresa to help him with getting something done about his complaint.

Photo of Teresa and Igor, Igor has his hands raised

Discussion questions

Your trainer will discuss some questions about Igor’s story with you.

Workbook activities

Find the activities about Igor’s story in your workbook.

Your trainer will help you with the activities.

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