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When I'm at work: retirement planning - Supported employee's workbook


Meeting 5 - Important documents

What important documents do I need?

We all have important documents that we need to keep safe. We need to know where they are and that they are up to date.

Tick () the box beside the document you already have in a safe place. Place an () in the box beside the document if you do not need it. Place an * in the box beside the document you need but do not have yet.

Write the name of the person or organisation that can help you prepare or find a document you do not have.

Making a will

What is a will?

A will is a written and signed document that describes what you would like done with your money, property and other belongings when you die. There are strict rules about making a will and you should talk to a solicitor about this.

Why make a will?

Having a will means you can be confident that your wishes are carried out after you die.

Who should I talk to about having a will?

You can talk to a solicitor in private practice or the Legal Aid office in your local community about making a will. You can phone the office first to make an appointment and explain what you would like to do. It is likely that you will have to pay to have your will prepared so you should ask what it will cost when you make your appointment.

How do I find a solicitor?

You may already have a solicitor who works for you. If not, you can find one by looking in the yellow pages of the telephone book under 'solicitors' or 'legal aid'. You could also ask a friend or family member if they can recommend someone.

Remember to ask how much it will cost you to make a will.

You might like to take a family member, friend or carer with you to the meeting with the solicitor.

Meet John

John was a great bloke. He was also retired. John owned the flat he lived in, as well as a new TV, a DVD and furniture. He also had some war medals and a watch his father had given him.

John had lots of friends when he was at work and when he went to Special Olympics on Saturdays. He often visited his friends at their homes and helped them do jobs. John was always busy and enjoyed being with his friends.

John's parents died when he was very young. He had two brothers. His brothers lived a long way away from him, but he often talked about them. He loved to talk about his brothers' children. He also talked about the special things he had saved to give them one day.

Unfortunately, one day John had a very bad fall and was taken to hospital. John was in hospital for a few days and died.

Lots of people went to John's funeral and were very sad that their wonderful friend had died. John's brothers wondered what should be done about his flat and his personal possessions. They asked his friends. His friends did not know but they all said John talked about the special things he had saved for his nephews and nieces.

Gathering information and getting advice

Which important documents do you need to update? How will you do this? Who can help?

Where will you keep your important documents? Remember to tell a responsible person where they are.

Do you need to make a will? How will you do this? Who can help?

If you already have made a will, have a look at it. Do you want to change anything? How will you do this? Who can help?

Bring this information to your next meeting.

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