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When I'm at work: retirement planning - Supported employee's workbook



Welcome to 'When I'm at work: Retirement planning'

These six meetings will help you understand what retirement is and how you can plan for your retirement.

We are going to talk about many of the things you need to think about and plan for, so that you can be ready for the time when you stop going to work -your retirement.

Retiring from work will be an important decision. You may have family, friends or people from work who you can talk to about your retirement planning.

What is in the workbook?

The workbook is yours. It is like your filing cabinet of information about your retirement planning.

Please bring your workbook to each meeting because it includes information that will be discussed, and activities for you to complete.

The workbook can help you remember many of the things you will need to think about before you retire from your job.

You may like to bring a friend, family member or carer to the meetings to help you ask questions or write down information for you.

When you meet people who have information that is helpful, ask them for their business cards or write down their names and contact details and put them into your workbook. You could also collect brochures and pamphlets that have useful information about retirement in them, so that you can look at them again later.

After each meeting you will need to spend some time finding information that will be helpful for your retirement planning. Don't forget to put this information into your workbook. You should get someone else to write it for you if you can't do it by yourself.

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