Part 1: The year in review

Organisational structure

Figure 3 shows FaCS' structure at 30 June 2004, the responsibilities of FaCS senior executives, and the relationship between FaCS' structure and the outcome and output structure.

FaCS' organisational structure reflects its strategic themes, with responsibilities divided across strategic outcomes. The state and territory office network takes advantage of its specialist expertise and locational advantages to help FaCS achieve its outcomes.

Four key departmental outputs are produced across FaCS. Three outputs cover the policy and management of the delivery of the administered outputs to the community.

The service delivery output links directly to the administered outputs or items in each output group. The Child Support Agency was the main service delivery arm of FaCS in 2003–04. The remainder of the service delivery output is provided by Centrelink or other external organisations. CRS Australia continues to provide rehabilitation services for FaCS.

Figure 3 I Organisational structure at 30 June 2004 (Text description)

(Click here to view enlarged image of the Organisational structure)

This figure depicts the structure of FaCS, including the Child Support Agency, the positions in the structure and the occupants of those positions as at 30 June 2004. Follow the text description link for a text version of this figure.

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