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This User Guide tells you about the features of the online report and the contents.

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Our essential aim is for the report to meet the needs of our readers—Senators, Members and the public.


Contents navigation bar under montage of images on the left of the screen

To the left of your screen is the navigation bar–this enables you to access the pages listed in the navigation bar from any page within the report.

Links at the top of each page

At the top of each page, beside the heading 'Annual Report 2003—04', are shortcuts to help you navigate to other sections of the report:

Annual Report Home–will take you to the Annual Report 2003—04 home page

Contents–will take you to the table of contents page

User's guide–will take you to this page

PDF library–will take you to the PDF library page

Below the page title are a number of links that enable you to quickly access other pages in the section you are currently in–they are listed in the order of the table of contents.

A unique feature to the Performance reporting and the Management and Accountability sections is the intra-page links. At the top of each of these pages is a list of key headings within the page for you to easily navigate to.

Top of page links

These links enable you to return to the top of the page you are currently in.

Next and previous links

The next and previous links are located at the bottom of each page. You can move forward or back one page from the page you are currently in–the name of the page is written alongside.

External links

Links to external sites are indicated by External page image.

These links are provided for your convenience and do not constitute endorsement of the information at those sites. We cannot accept responsibility for material contained in any site that is linked to this report.

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The accessibility page details the features used to make the FaCS Annual Report 2003—04 accessible to the largest possible audience.

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Each year a PDF library is featured online to allow for downloading of the report for printing or viewing. It is available in sections or as the whole document.

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For inquiries about this report contact:

Communications and Events Branch
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Phone: 1300 653 227
Fax: (02) 6244 5540

FaCS web site

For more information about FaCS visit the department's web site on or Email:

To obtain copies of other FaCS publications

For copies of this or other FaCS publications, telephone 1800 050 009 (a free call except from mobile and pay phones).

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Editorial/design consultants: Wilton Hanford Hanover and ZOO

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