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Workplace Safety - Trainer's guide


Conducting the training sessions

Before the session

To reinforce understanding and to ensure that your examples are situated in the workplace, discuss the following issues with your OH&S representative:

Conducting the training sessions

Equipment you will need

To conduct the presentation you will need your laptop/PC, a projector and a screen (or suitable wall). For smaller groups you might run the presentation using just a computer screen. Note: The presentation can be printed and used as handout/notes.

Conducting the presentation

Arrange the slides in sections that you think will best meet participant needs. The slide show has been broken into sections to enable you to combine sections or deliver one section each time.

Speakers notes are included in the slide show to assist you, however it is recommended that you practice your session before giving it and save your own speaker notes with prompts for the points you wish to cover. To add to the speaker notes, click on 'View' then 'Notes Page', then type in the text you want to add.

Remember if you want to print your notes choose 'Notes Page' on the 'Printer' screen.

Workplace Safety structure diagram

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