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Workplace Safety - Trainer's guide


Customising the presentation


To customise this presentation you will need the following equipment:

Creating a customised presentation

The following steps will guide you through customising or changing the slide show presentation to best meet participant and organisation needs.

Note: Microsoft PowerPoint™ includes a help option on the toolbar and this can be used to provide additional help, ideas and support when customising the presentation.

Step 1: Save the CD files

Create a folder on your PC's C drive and name the folder Workplace Safety.

Copy all the files on the Workplace Safety CD into that folder. Next double click on Workplace safety.pps to view the presentation and gain an understanding of how you will customise it and how the photographs you will take will be used within the presentation.

Step 2: OH&S procedures in the workplace

The OH&S Officer or Human Resources personnel in your organisation may be able to help with the preparation of the presentation to ensure it complies with organisational procedures.

Prior to the training session meet with the organisation's OH&S representative to ensure you have a clear understanding of the relevant policies and procedures.

Step 3: Create images

Read through the presentation notes (go to 'View' on the toolbar and click on 'Notes Page'). This will give you guidance in deciding what to photograph.

Save these images as jpeg, tif or gif files on to the C: drive in the same folder as the Workplace Safety.pps file that you are going to customise.

Step 4: Customise the presentation

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