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Workplace Safety - Trainer's guide



This Trainer's Guide has been designed to support delivery of Workplace Safety an awareness training program for support staff working in a Disability Employment Service. The Work Talk resource could also be used to assist in workplace communication with supported employees with an intellectual disability. Tips for preparation and delivery have been included in this guide.

Aim of this guide

This Trainer's Guide includes information and tips about various ways the training sessions can be conducted. The guide offers flexibility to support trainers in changing the presentation slides to reflect the supported employees' workplace safety needs. The presentation has been designed for support staff and managers working with supported employees with an intellectual disability, however it is useful for all supported employees.

All employers are obliged to provide OH&S training for employees. The Workplace Safety presentation has been developed to assist employers to fulfil this obligation. Using this presentation, employers can provide OH&S awareness training that is targeted to address the specific requirements of support staff working within a Disability Employment Service. The presentation has been developed to ensure support staff understand their OH&S responsibilities.


This guide contains additional information to support the presentation. This has been done to enable you to customise the presentation to meet the needs of your organisation, and to structure the training to meet those needs. The presentation is structured around this guide; you can add or delete information to suit your organisation.

You can change the text to suit your workplace. The presentation has photographs of hazards, signs and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and this guide takes you through the process of replacing those images with images of your workplace that you'll capture with a digital camera. We strongly encourage you to use your own images so that the venues, equipment, signage and people in your presentation are familiar, and clearly relevant to the participants.

Speakers notes are included with the presentation to help you conduct it in a way that support staff will find engaging, making it easier for them to learn.

The presentation is structured for delivery in a series of short training sessions rather than as one session.

Workplace Safety structure diagram

It is important that each section is introduced and that time is taken at the beginning of each session to review the learning from the previous session.

Using the presentation

The presentation and this guide can be used in a number of ways:

Your role as a trainer

A trainer is a guide

Your role is to support participants to learn, to gain from other participants' experiences and access new information. Each training session you conduct, whether formal or informal and regardless of the group size will have goals, objectives and a time frame.

As a trainer you should:

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