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Support staff workplace responsibilities - Powerpoint presentation


Scenario 7 – Dave

Cath - a supported employee

Photo of Cath

Dave - the supervisor

Photo of Dave

Joyce - a supported employee

Photo of Joyce

Dave is a supervisor at a medium-sized business service organisation. Dave likes to be known as a 'great guy' and prides himself on his ability to communicate with the staff. Rather than taking a top-down approach to management, Dave feels that he communicates effectively with the staff at a one-to-one level and likes to treat them as equals rather than as employees.

Photo of Dave talking to Joyce

[Dave]: Hey, Joyce, how are you and the other girls getting on with that new order? Will it be ready by Friday?

[Joyce]: Gee, Dave, it's been a while since anyone called me a girl! Um … I think we're going OK but we're waiting on some supplies before we can finish it off.

[Dave]: OK, love. Can you let me know how it's going? I don't want a surprise on Friday morning.

Photo of Cath talking to Joyce

[Joyce]: Dave is on our back again about that order.

[Cath]: Did you tell him it was under control?

[Joyce]: Yeah, but I wish he wouldn't keep asking. I'll tell you another thing – I'm sick of him calling me 'love' and 'girl'.

[Cath]: Aw, he's just trying to be friendly – I don't mind it.

[Joyce]: Well, that's OK for you Cath, but I don't like it, and I can tell you that Sue and Chantelle don't like it either.

[Cath]: Well, maybe you should say something to him.

[Joyce]: Shouldn't have to though. He should know.

Photo of Cath talking to Dave

[Cath]: Hi, Dave – I like that tie you're wearing today.

[Dave]: G'day, Cath – how's my star girl going?

[Cath]: I'm good, thanks, Dave. You better not say that to Joyce but. Boy, did she go off about you calling her a girl!

[Dave]: Really?

[Cath]: Yeah, but don't worry about it – she can be a bit of a grumpy old woman.

Photo of Joyce talking to her team

[Joyce]: Look, I'm not saying he's not a good boss. I just wish he'd treat me with a bit of respect.

[Woman1]: I agree with you, Joyce – it bugs me too.

[Woman2]: Oh, youse are just being silly. It doesn't worry me.

[Young man]: I don't know about that. If someone called my mum 'love', I reckon she'd go crazy.

[Woman2]: Well, I don't mind being called a girl.

[Young man]: Yeah, keep dreaming! He better not call me 'boy'! It's all a bit creepy really.

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