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Support staff workplace responsibilities - Powerpoint presentation


Scenario 4 – Betty and Sue

Betty - a supervisor at a Disability Business Service

Photo of Betty

Sue - a supported employee and Betty's daughter

Photo of Sue

Kylie - a co-worker of Sue's

Photo of Kylie

Sam - a co-worker of Sue's

Photo of Sam

Photo of Betty talking to Sue

Betty is a supervisor at a Disability Business Service. Her daughter, Sue, is a supported employee at the same employment service. One of the supported employees has been suspected of stealing other people's belongings.

[Betty]: Sue, I wonder if you could do me a favour.

[Sue]: What's that, Mum?

[Betty]: Well, you know how we've been having problems with things being stolen at work?

[Sue]: Yeah …

[Betty]: Well, I've heard a whisper that it might be Sam doing it.

[Sue]: Who told you that?

[Betty]: Never you mind who told me that. The thing is, I want to be sure before I say anything to her, so what I want you to do is hang around her in the locker room and try to get a peek over her shoulder and into her locker and see if you can see anything. Can you do that for me, honey?

[Sue]: I guess so. What if she catches me?

[Betty]: Well, just make sure you are careful and don't say anything to her. Come back and tell me what you see.

Photo of Sam talking to Sue

[Sam]: Hi, Sue.

[Sue]: Er, hi, Sam.

[Sam]: What are you doing?

[Sue]: Er, nothing.

Photo of Kylie approaching Sam and Sue

[Kylie]: What are you looking at in Sam's locker, Sue?

[Sam - slams the locker shut]: What??

[Sue]: Nothing!

Photo of Kylie talking to Sue

[Kylie]: C'mon, what is in Sam's locker?

[Sue]: I can't tell you. It's a secret.

Photo of Betty talking to Sue

[Sue]: Mum, I saw into Sam's locker and I could see John's lighter and Chantelle's scarf and Kylie's belt and some other stuff too.

[Betty]: Oh, OK, Sue, thanks for doing that.

[Sue]: I think Sam saw me but.

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